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First Platform for communication right where end-user is, while maintaing their privacy

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Engage With Your web3 Users Conveniently

Engaging users proactively at their desired platform is the way forward

Get access to all channels with one SDK

Your user can subscribe to receive notifications at their preferred mode: Email, SMS, Telegram, Whatsapp

User's Identity Remains Private & Secure

The specific ID of the channel is never revealed to anyone, including the business, maintaining end-user privacy.

DAO Notifications

Get Notified about new DAO proposals, and voting reminders.

NFT Auctions & Bids

Notify end user when a new bid is placed

Liquidity Thresholds

DeFi protocols can inform users about APY changes or when they're getting liquidated

Airdrops & Wallet Info

Users can be notified about their airdrops or new debit/credit transaction status

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